Apple Pencil Pro could be surprise entry in last-minute iPad event leak — iPad Pro 2024 could get the ultimate partner accessory

Using an Apple Pencil 2 to edit a photo on an iPad Pro
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Apple Let Loose Event

Let Loose Live

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1. Let Loose iPad event LIVENew iPad Pro, iPad Air, and more as it happens!
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Apple Pencil 3 — Or should we say Apple Pencil Pro?

The iPad’s most valuable accessory may be about to get even better — as a recent leak suggests we could be skipping the Apple Pencil 3 altogether.

As pointed out by an X user, the Japanese Apple website suggests the new Apple Pencil 3 will instead be called the “Apple Pencil Pro”. By clicking ‘fn + f12’ on your keyboard while on the website, you can “inspect element”, which shows the code for displaying the site. From here, ‘hit cmd + f’ to search, and type in “Apple Pencil Pro” to find it in a string of text.

It’s important to note that the phrase is only referenced twice in this code and it’s in the same paragraph. Said paragraph appears to be alt text — a description of the Apple Event imagery for screen readers to access. iMore has verified this information and it can still be found on the Japanese website as of the time of publication.

What does this all mean?

Both the U.S. and U.K. website for the Apple event also has alt text in their code but these texts are the same, only calling the accessory “an Apple Pencil”. I have checked with over 10 different Apple sites from different regions, and most are some variation of the same alt text, without the ‘Pro’ moniker.

The “Apple Pencil Pro” name found in the Japanese Apple site is not a translation, as it appears as English text in the middle of Japanese words. There seem to be a handful of possible reasons why this specific leak has popped up. The first is that the next Apple Pencil will be called Apple Pencil Pro, and this code leak is confirmation of that.

The second reason could be that “Apple Pencil Pro” may have been a key term or code word for the accessory at some point earlier in its inception and it has since changed. Apple has never officially confirmed the existence of the Apple Pencil 3 and that name has come from a mixture of speculation and industry insight. However, we know from its imagery that the next Apple event will feature an Apple Pencil of some kind. Both names could be equally likely at this point and we’ll have to wait for the Let Loose event in just a few hours to find out what is happening with the next Apple Pencil.

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