Apple's $1,299 iPad Pro doesn't come with a charger in some countries, but you can blame the EU

Let Loose 2024
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Apple's "Let Loose" event finally showed the first OLED iPad Pro model, but it won't come cheap.

While it does now start at 256GB of storage right off the bat, Apple's 11-inch M4-powered tablet starts at $999/£999, while the 13-inch version of the company's thinnest device will set you back a staggering $1299/£1299 - and that's without the new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro.

And yet, not only will it not offer features from the M2 iPad Pro - it'll actually no longer include a power adapter in the box in some territories.

That's right - you could feasibly spend over $2000 on a tablet, keyboard, and Apple Pencil combo and be left without a plug. The same applies to the latest model of iPad Air, too.

iPad Pro M4 hands-on

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Blame the EU

If you thought it was Apple being stingy, you'd be wrong. This is actually due to the WEEE (stop snickering) which is the EU's rules on Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Put simply, the EU is clamping down on e-waste, and because it was implemented before Brexit, it applies to the UK, too.

So, if you are trading up your iPad Pro M2 to get an M4 version, not only will you need a new keyboard and potentially a new Apple Pencil, but you'll also need to keep your charger handy.

If you're not in one of the affected countries (you can tell by looking on the relevant Apple Store under the "Tech Specs" section), you should be getting a 20W charger in the box still.

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