Best Italian Restaurants in Davao City

Best Italian Restaurants in Davao City

Davao City hosts a lot of attractions for tourists to see, from the ever famous monkey-eating eagle to the king of all fruits, the durian. There are also a lot of beaches you can go to for that fun in the sun.

In addition, the city is an abode for different restaurants found practically everywhere. From inside malls to the busy streets – you can see them anywhere. So if you’re a foodie, you’re in luck! You get to choose from a lot of best restaurants in Davao City.

There are a lot of buffets, fast food chains, and world-class restaurants; the list just goes on and on. For now, let’s look at one of the famous Italian restaurants in Davao: La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant!

Considered to be one of the coziest restaurants in Davao City, it’s a perfect place where you can experience a part of Italy. Its intricate iron and wooden furniture lends a decidedly European ambiance. The wines inside the restaurant are placed neatly in a rack along with photographs of famous diners.

With the nice ambiance, you’ll definitely feel that you could be somewhere along the Adriatic coast!

La Toscana is a full service restaurant, with the dining area set up in a way that just screams intimacy. The tables have linen table cloths and napkins – something you usually see for special occasions.

However, you don’t have to be overly conscious when dining there; the place is perfect for you to eat in, even if you feel uncomfortable with fine dining.

The menu features a wide variety of food choices. There’s a selection of pasta and pizzas, not to mention a range of fine wines available for wine lovers.

Just leafing through the menu will make your stomach scream, “Feed me!” Or maybe you could try everything on the menu just to satisfy your cravings. Either way, you’ll definitely enjoy the food here.

Now, let’s explore some parts of their menu:

La Toscana offers fresh flat pasta which is partnered with mushrooms or with seafood in their Tagliatelle dish. On the other hand, their Pappardelle is also a flat pasta dish but has a serrated edge.

The pizzas made here are all hand-tossed, just the way Italians do it. One of their pizzas, the Margherita con Pesto pizza features a thinner crust that’s made in a traditional Italian method. The pizzas here are intended for two people to share; however, if you’re that hungry, you can always hog it all to yourself.

Now, that’s a menu indeed worth trying, isn’t it?

That aside, the owners, Piero Lucarini with his wife Anna are always at the place. Well, they do leave sometimes; still, Piero overlooks the operations of the place. Not only that, he also cooks some of the dishes served to the customers. Now, that’s one restaurant owner who likes to get his hands dirty.

So since we here at Davao Restaurants have given you bits on one of the Italian restaurants in Davao, are you itching to go and have a bite at La Toscana Italian Bar and Grill? We won’t stop you from satisfying your cravings, go out there and eat!

September 16, 2015