Buffet Restaurants In Davao – Let The Hunt Begin

If you are from Davao or a visitor touring around for your Christmas shopping, you will notice plenty of restaurants across the city offering eat all you can promos. Yes, the city has become quite popular with this fast rising gastronomic trend apart from its name having a strong association with durian, the Philippine Eagle and Mt. Apo – the country’s highest peak.

In the very eyes of the Dabawenyos, the grandeur that is Davao City comes with it a very svelte culture which has been preserved amidst the negative experiences noted somewhere between the 70s and 80s. Things have changed then and today, the city is enjoying incredible economic prosperity.

No wonder that food-loving entrepreneurs have thought of setting up restaurants highlighting affordable eat all you can in Davao.

Buffet Restaurants In Davao

Buffet Restaurants To Check Out

Let’s take time to check what these following buffet restaurants have to offer to every hungy foodie.

Let the hunt begin!

1. Buffet Palace – is one of the very first buffet restaurants around which specializes in authentic Chinese meals. But even if you’re no Chinese, you will love its wide array of sumptuous offerings guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for oriental cookery.

Different Chinese dishes are whipped up daily where you can choose from their selection of soups, rice and pasta, veggie, fish and seafood, chicken, pork and beef dishes. Their steamed rice as well as the Yungchow Fried Rice are a hit with food lovers.

Mix your own halo-halo located in a separate section; relish the steamy goodness of their dimsum and for the sweet tooth – head on to the salad and dessert station. What’s more, the resto is also praised the way they fix their Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes.

You hungry now? Visit them at McArthur Highway corner Tulip Drive, Matina, or at Victoria Plaza Compound, JP laurel Avenue.

2. Lets Crab Eat! – is the buffet restaurant for crab lovers. You can now eat crabs all you can minus all the fancy stuff. Savor its saucy goodness in two types of sauce – Sate and Szechuan. Serving eat all you can lunch and dinner everyday, you have likewise many dishes to choose from like fish, shrimp, meat, pasta, noodles, vegetables, soup, appetizers, salads, fruits, and of course, desserts to complete your meals.

Won’t you believe they cook from 50-100 kilos of crabs each day just for eager customers? Don’t you ever leave Davao without tasting their offering. Head now to Door 1, Davao Autoville, F. Torres Street with family and friends to crab-eat!

3. Yakimix Davao – is the eat and drink all you can restaurant open for lunch and dinner daily which is just two years old. Yet, the place is teeming with hungry foodies from near and far, for its wide assortment of delicious international cuisine with prices you can afford. The restaurant boasts of their line up of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American (newly available), Filipino, and Italian cuisine as well. Craving for pizza, seafood, sushi, even Smokeless Grill? Waste not your time. This Yuletide season, treat the entire barkada at the 2nd floor of Ayala Mall, Abreeza Ayala Business Park at JP Laurel Avenue. Consider YakiMix Davao City for a quick yet satisfying lunch or dinner.

April 8, 2016
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