4 Tips To Follow To Survive A Buffet Dining Experience


Davao City’s amazing yet complicated culture is just one of the things that helps maintain the city’s greatness in the eyes of all who visit here, local and foreign tourists alike. This includes its wide array of delectable cuisine that ranges from international dishes, seafood restaurants and even buffet restaurants.


If you want to sample some of the best international dishes within Davao while inside a buffet restaurant, YakiMix Davao City is the ideal place for you to visit just for that. However, since it’s a buffet restaurant, you may have the tendency to overdo it and stuff yourself with too much food.


Face the facts. Filipinos just love to eat and eat, hence the many buffet restaurants. To help you to survive inside a buffet restaurant, whether it be at YakiMix or just anywhere else, here are some tips that you can follow during your buffet dining experience:


Get Your Food And Immediately Go Back To Your Table


There can be a lot of work and even social functions involves a huge table covered with all of those mouthwatering dishes that you just can’t resist trying them all at once. Don’t be one of those people who’re always standing next to the table of unlimited dishes. All you have to do is get your plate, put your food on it, then go back to your dining table.


Choose A Much Smaller Plate


This may seem to be one obvious tip that you keep hearing over and over again – a larger plate basically translates to you having more food, and all hopes of using the right portion size are neglected. Therefore, if you want to avoid paying double for your leftovers or the feeling of guilt that you added more weight, why not choose a much smaller plate?


If you want seconds, you can just simply go back. It can be hard if you have everything you want all on a single plate.


Check Out The Buffet First Before Filling Your Plate


There are people who start their buffet experience at one end. By the time they’re finished choosing the food they want to eat, their plate would end up looking like Mt. Everest. If you want to avoid that scenario, take a minute to simply walk around the food display before your start choosing your food.


Make sure you make a mental list of what you want to eat, as well as how much of the dish you want to get. When it’s time for you to eat, you’ll have no problem choosing what you want.


Slow Down, Your Food Is Not Going Anywhere


If you’re the type who’s always on the go and can’t stop eating, chances are you’ll get bloated right away even if you still have some food left on your plate. There’s no need for you to be in a hurry; your food is not going to run away. Thus, pace yourself by savoring each bite, chewing properly and use a knife or fork (or chopsticks).


Eating at a buffet just like YakiMix, or even at others like Nanay Bebeng Davao City, can be quite a tempting experience due to all of the food being displayed. However, you should have nothing to worry about if you follow these rules as you dine.

November 6, 2017