Fusion Cuisine: The History Behind it and its Different Types

People come to Davao for various reasons ‐ leisure, business, seminars, and so on. Whatever the reason for you to visit Davao City, the main question running through your mind would be “Where would I eat in Davao City?” There’s no need for you to worry, there are a lot of restaurants in Davao that offers different kinds of cuisine.

Both local and international dishes abound in this city, but if you’re craving something unique, why not try the fusion cuisine at the Davao White House Restaurant?

Davao White House Restaurant

Here they serve only the best dishes that use European and Japanese styles of cooking. The head chef of the White House, Chef Cathy Binag, makes it a point for you to be able to savor each bite of the dishes she serves her customers.

However, you may be curious on what fusion cuisine is. Well, to give you a brief background, here’s a little history lesson:

The History of Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine is actually not a brand new concept; it’s already been around for a few decades. Chefs had started fusing two different cooking styles as early as the 70’s. However, culinary legend Wolfgang Puck is the one credited for the creation of fusion cuisine and its introduction to the culinary community.

It’s often thanks to him that the common culinary fusions and partnerships exist. An example of this would be the fusion of European and Asian cuisines, referred to as Eurasian cuisine.

Eurasian typically combines two cooking techniques and dishes; therefore, you can end up with poached tofu, for example. This dish is the end result of poaching methods, used with Asian ingredients.

For Chef Puck, making this was a cinch since he had knowledge of both cuisine styles. He originally trained to be a chef in Europe, however he was also very familiar with how Asian cuisine work.

Type of Fusion Cuisine

Fusion cuisine is the general term used for the mixing together of different forms of cookery. The concept can take on several other forms, and here they are:

Sub‐Regional Fusion

This is a type of fusion cuisine that combines cooking styles from different regions in one country. For example, you can take the cooking style Dabawenyos use and fuse it with the cooking methods of people from Manila.

Regional Fusion

This type of fusion cuisine deals with fusing cooking methods from two countries with different cooking styles in a region or continent. A great example of which is countries in Asia.

Continental Fusion

This is the one Chef Puck developed – a type of fusion cuisine that fuses Asian cuisine with other continents around the globe. Again, a good example would be the Eurasian fusion cuisine.

That’s just some of the basics you need to know about fusion cuisine, and the best way for you to experience fusion cuisine is to try it out. Of course, Davao White House Restaurant is here to give you that kind of experience; grab your fusion cuisine here and now!

April 6, 2016