For That Gustatory Need Of Yours Consider This Foodie’s Haven

Have you been away from home for the last couple of years? If you happen to get back for the holidays, you’d be surprised about one thing. Your home – Davao City has turned into a foodie’s haven!

Once you step foot into the metro, you’d be astonished to see the many cool and affordable places to eat in Davao City mushrooming everywhere. Look around you and you’ve got countless venues to choose from. From local authentic Pinoy to international cuisines, you’ll never get enough of good food. The best part, you can choose to go eat anywhere where your budget takes you!

Davao Restaurants Coco’s South Bistro

Since the advent of the Internet, people from far and near get to read inspiring write-ups about the city especially on the finest eateries. These make them curious that when they get the chance to visit here especially at Christmas or New Year, they would really take efforts to locate the best places to eat.

Coco’s South Bistro

One of the most talked about Davao restaurants on the Web is Coco’s South Bistro. Would-be customers out there would surely be elated to know that there are three branches – the first and the biggest at F. Torres St., the one at the Victoria Plaza Complex at JP Laurel Avenue, and their latest branch at MacArthur Highway corner Tulip Drive, Matina.

The Ambiance

Anywhere of these three branches you go to, you still get the same quality food and service plus the incredibly reasonable prices. Upon entering the hall, you will instantly feel the comfort of your home. The distinct colors surrounding the place is very noticeable; the color blend makes you cheerful. If you want a relaxing meal, opt to take lunch since peak hours happen to be dinner time where more eaters come for the sumptuous offerings.

In their restaurant that specializes on American cuisine, you will be overwhelmed by the large posters of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis Presley, The Beatles and the Jackson 5 hanging on the walls. If you are a fan of these artists, then dining in the place would definitely be a pleasure and a bonus, too!

The Food

Coco’s South Bistro is known for its delectable Baby Back Ribs, steaks, salads, pizza with their family- sized serving at prices you really can afford. Of the baby back ribs with barbecue sauce, customers are delighted of its tenderness. Half rack is more than enough to satisfy your hungry tummy, but if you’re big on appetite, then go for a whole rack.

Customers won’t forget their Fish and Chips wherein the malasugi fish is amazingly crispy but not overcooked. With the savory tartare dip, you won’t be afraid to indulge on your cheat day. Other offerings deserving of your attention are the Rosemarie Pork Chop and Coco’s Fried Chicken.

For your drinks, forget about the cola for once in your life. This Christmas season, think of your health.

Try their Citrus and Herbs; maybe a bit pricey yet so refreshing and healthy.

So, if you’re craving for California-Mexican cuisine as well as Japanese, Mexican and Filipino dishes, in a casual dining experience, why go farther? Only Coco’s South Bistro Davao City can fulfil that gustatory need of yours.

March 28, 2016