3 Fun Facts about Italian Cuisine that may surprise you

What would come to your mind first when you’re talking about Italian food with someone else – Are pizzas and pastas the first thing to come to mind? Those are just some of the common perceptions people get when talking about Italian dishes. However, Italian cuisine is more diverse and richer than you originally thought.

In Davao City, foodies can have a bite of Italian cuisine at La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant Davao City. Here, Dabawenyos and other visiting local and foreign tourists can enjoy eating some of Italy’s best dishes in a relaxing ambiance. But have you ever considered learning some unknown facts about Italian food?

La Toscana Italian Bar

If you’re that interested to find out, here’s some of those fun facts:

What’s the best way to check pasta quality? Toss it at the wall!

Have you ever heard of the term “al dente”? This word is used to describe the phenomenon when the noodles have reached the perfect level of preparation. However, the spaghetti may end up undercooked if you’re not careful. But there’s a way for you to test the pasta: throwing it against the wall to see if it sticks.

First, you remove one noodle from the pot by forking it. Then, swing it around the air and then place it in your throwing hand (usually you’re dominant one). Lastly, toss the noodles at the wall and as soon as it sticks, the noodles are done.

Be careful with it though – your pasta may taste fine when it’s slightly overcooked and it can stick to the wall.

The traditional Italian pizza virtually always has a thin crust

As you may all know, pizza is a traditional dish that had its roots in Italy. Even so, a lot of cooks around the world have transformed the original way of cooking pizza. So there’s a difference between the pizza in other countries and in Italy.

The most prominent gap is in the pizza crust. Italian pizza always has thin crusts and when eating genuine Italian pizza, you’ll get a thinner crust than what you’re used to.

Italians eat pasta every single day

Of course, for people who are always on the go, they’ll eat anything they can find, even if most are very picky and have difficulties changing their eating patterns. However, Italians will not pass on pasta in meals for no reason. Nor do they get tired of eating pasta every day.

They don’t only eat pasta covered with tomato sauce and one or two other pasta types, but they also eat pasta with other ingredients such as vegetables or meat. Also, there are a lot of ways for pasta to be prepared and eaten; you may want to try a different pasta dish every day for a whole year. Those are just some of the fun facts you may not know about Italian dishes. Now that you’ve been enlightened on how they tick, maybe you’d want to try out some of them at La Toscana Italian Bar and Restaurant Davao City right now?

April 9, 2016