Scouring For New Destinations?


Belito’s restaurant Davao

Do you ever read blogs especially about things delicious? Well, the holidays are coming and this early you can already feel the cool Yuletide air. What better way to while the joyous season away than surf the Web to activate your gustatory senses. You might stumble upon some very delightful recipe you like to whip up and serve to family and friends at your New Year’s eve table.

Do take time to read this blog and go on a gastronomic trip. The food blog is where you get to read helpful reviews about the best restaurants in Davao City (and also the worst) and on any eating place for that matter. Here on this side of the globe, hungry foodies have unearthed one of Davao’s best kept secrets – the Belito’s Vineyard.

Location And Ambiance

Its location is unlikely more so for first time diners. You wouldn’t expect to see a comfy place and a rather ‘new’ destination nestled in a rustic garden setting at the Ferrazzini Compound, Palm Drive, Bajada. It gives you a feel of a thousand miles removed from the maddening modern life. Incidentally, Belito’s is unlike your typical restaurant – far from the main busy thoroughfares but sits on an uphill road, secluded zone. It’s an al fresco restaurant which can sit just a certain number of guests. Their specialty? Unique home-cooked meals!

Mouth-watering Menu

Savor with gusto the following mouth-watering offerings: Chicken Paté, Shrimp Kinilaw, Shrimp Gambas, squid in its ink, Beef Salpicao, Crispy Pork Ribs, Calamari Al Ajillo, Lengua Estofada and a host of many others. All of them are the most talked about by clients who delighted in their palatability aside of course from their reasonable prices. Their must-try bestseller is Paella Negra – so named because of its pitch black color which comes from squid ink. With one serving good for 2-3 people, you may be deceived by its looks. However, this knockout winner is a complete meal in itself – cooked rice filled with generous amounts of seafood. Try squeezing the lemon slices decorated on the sides and you’ll discover a unique oomph to the dish.

From The Blogs

Belito’s has since then created a lot of buzz and great word-of-mouth reviews especially for Paella Negra. Here are a couple of remarks from customers about Belito’s offerings and the place in general.

  • Their Shrimp Gambas cooked in flavorful spices and olive oil is ideally for “starters”, but most diners prefer it as a main course – a delectable way of complementing the Paella Negra.
  • The Lengua Estofado has its unique taste no other restaurant can cook it the way Belito’s does.
  • The way Beef Salpicao is prepared is close to perfect – tender and juicy.
  • Lamb stew is stomach-filling but will taste so much better if not garnished with synthetic cheese.
  • The homemade durian ice cream for dessert makes you feel like a royal.
  • Their real quality wines are offered at rock bottom prices.
  • The quiet, unassuming atmosphere (on the border of romantic) with the plastic chairs and wooden tables gives you the comfort of home dining, yet with excellent fantastic meals, it would seem like you’re dining at a fine restaurant.
  • Altogether, great-tasting food and wine are fairly priced.

Bored of the usual food offerings? For an experience of laid back ambiance, relaxed and feel-at-home service, this is the perfect fit. Belito’s restaurant Davao is just within easy reach.

March 7, 2016