Tempting Tuna Served In 10 Different Delightful Ways


Marina Tuna Davao City

Mt. Apo. Philippine Eagle. Durian. These are three words associated with Davao. However, there’s still an additional icon that has made the city more famous to locals and foreigners alike – tuna. Although the waters of Davao is rich in tuna, its neighbor, General Santos City is also an important source of this delicious giant.

And speaking of tuna, did you know that a popular seafood restaurant in the city is serving the fish in ten different delicious ways? People are curious, so they flock to any of the branches of Marina Tuna Davao City.

You need not ask, for when you enter the dining hall, brightly colored photos of their food offerings hanging on a wall are what greet you. In addition, their paper mat arranged under each plate depicts 10-Way Tuna or the 10 ways to enjoy tuna.

Take Your Pick from These 10 Dishes

1. tuna belly grilled
2. crispy tuna tail
3. tuna bagaybay sizzling
4. tuna tendon sizzling
5. tuna bihod sizzling
6. tuna sashimi
7. tuna jaw (panga) grilled
8. tuna eye soup
9. tuna karekare
10. kinilaw

All of the above are no doubt really good but the following delights have captured the choosy taste buds of not only Dabawenyos but as well as tourists from near and far – crispy buntot, tuna karekare, tuna eye soup, and the most sought after grilled tuna panga. Christmas, New Year or not, these dishes are a hot item for all seasons! How about you – which of the above are your favorites?

Whichever way it is prepared, you can always relish your tuna with gusto. There are also other equally tempting seafood dishes to taste. Spicy shrimp as well as crispy shrimp are fast becoming a hit with foodies. If you’re not into spicy, you can always ask for the milder version. They also specialize in other yummy Filipino dishes if you happen to be allergic to seafood.

According to its owner, Mr. Domingo Ang, he can’t believe his idea of having different versions of tuna preparation would click with the eating public. Back in the 1970s when he first thought of opening this restaurant, he was already thinking of ways, including this crazy idea, on how to keep the satisfaction of customers going. And he knew it was such a risky move. But, he had been right all along.

Further, he was even proud to share that Japan is importing our tuna for their sashimi! It’s simply telling us that our country has the best tuna ever, those that are especially caught from the southernmost part of the Philippines. With the Yuletide holidays up and coming, the mangement of the restaurant must be very busy as customers will surely patronize their mouth-watering seafood offering. Whenever you hear the words Marina Tuna, you would want to equate it with delightful and sumptuous seafood meals with prices you can readily afford. Their place is big, dining staff are friendly and service is unquestionalby excellent.

Their main restaurant is located at Km. 8, Bo. Pampanga, Sasa, with branches along J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, and at SM Lanang Premier. Touted as the home of the best tuna and seafoods, this most talked about restaurant likewise offers frozen tuna for sale. Buy them as Christmas pasalubong to your loved ones back home. With a large following, small wonder that it has earned the distinction of being the best seafood restaurant in Davao.

March 15, 2016