3 Korean Dishes Koreans Can’t Live WIthout

Korean cuisine is based on rice, vegetables, and meats, with conventional Korean meals noted for the number of side dishes accompanied by steam-cooked, short-grain rice. Also, the Korean meal is nothing without kimchi, somewhat considered one of the side dishes Koreans can’t live without. Despite its spiciness, they can’t get enough of it.

You, as a citizen of Davao City, can also experience dining like the Koreans do it. As you should know, there are a couple of Korean restaurants in the city, and they’re spreading like wildfire. You can choose to dine at Gangnam Davao Cafe and Restaurant, for instance, or go to Manna’s at SM Ecoland.

Wherever you decide to eat, it would be amazing if you knew more dishes Koreans love aside from kimchi. Here are some of those dishes:

The Hangover Stew

Korea is not only known for its dining culture, but for their dedicated drinking culture as well. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising for you to know that these people have developed a way to counteract the hangover, and that’s what’s known as the hangover stew.

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This dish is made from a beef broth, with cabbages, bean sprouts, radishes and chunks of congealed ox blood. The satisfying taste this dish has does the trick of ridding you of that bothersome hangover.


Although this dish was originally of Chinese roots, Koreans have taken the noodles and created a much thicker and an even delectable version that holds only a small portion of resemblance with its Chinese predecessors. It’s not surprising to say that the Korean diet is nothing without this dish.

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It’s considered to be the favorite of most Koreans and they make it a point to eat it at least once a week. You’ll soon understand why they can’t get enough of this dish once you’ve tasted it for yourself.

Kimchi Stew

One lesser-known fact about the beloved kimchi side dish is its versatility as an ingredient in a whole slew of derivative dishes in their own categories. Kimchi stew is made of up chopped red kimchi cabbage, sautéed in oil and cooked along with tofu and cellophane noodles. Other ingredients are pork (sometimes tuna) and other kinds of veggies.

Despite the fact that this dish has a debt to kimchi, you’ll immediately know it has come into its own when it’s served along with this side dish.

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Soy Sauce Crab

Ganjang Gejang, or soy sauce crab, is a crab dish marinated in soy sauce and it can be quite addicting to eat that you can’t get enough of it. Koreans refer to this dish as the “rice thief”. Why’s that? It’s often joked about that you keep eating more rice just so you can have more of this dish since it’s really that good.

Although slightly tangy, tantalizingly bitter, pungent and cold, the taste will surely shock your taste buds if you’re trying this dish for the first time. Still, there’s a reason Koreans consider this dish as something of a centerpiece of seafood.

There you have it – those are just some of the dishes Koreans can’t live without. Other than in Gangnam Davao, you can have your fill of Korean dishes at YakiMix Davao City as well. Who knows, you may find a dish you can’t live without.

November 4, 2016